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the place to be, baybee


obviously bored
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love it or hate it, you live here (or have lived here or know someone who does.)

this is a lil community for all the lovers and hatahs of oyster 'badass' bay. here's the place to let out all those rants and raves or bitches and moans about everything oh bee related.

so tell us what's on your mind. having a show soon, throwing a party? tell us about it. want to make known your appreciation of how awesome your local dunkiedinks/stop&shop/blockbuster employee is? post and tell us. want to bitch about the prison that is oyster bay high school? go right ahead. want to post some pictures of what you did last night at 3am to your neighbor's car? please please please do. we're from ob. we're bored.

but first, a few rules:
1. be nice. you're free to state your opinion, but don't be an ass about it, and don't be sexist/racist/prejudiced/bigoted/etc. we won't stand for it, and you'll never post on here again.

2. if you have a bunch of pics (like more than 3 or if they're huge), put them behind a cut. (please post pics! we looove pics!...but keep it fairly clean)

3. ehm...hm...what else? have fun?

4. buy me dinner.

5. find dana a date.

ok. join and have some fun with it!

your loving moderators,

pontigrl and danamk